"Respecting Labor" THEMED

HAK-İŞ, one of the largest labor confederations of Turkey, in 2012 progressed in a new dimension to the works carried out by considering hand labor, brain power; art and crafts together and organized a short film contest themed "Respect for Labor". By taking courage from intense interest and the high level of the qualities of products HAK-İŞ has decided to organize this contest every year in order to find out reflection of defended principles at the image world

HAK-İŞ Traditional Short Film Contest to be held 10th one this year is being extended to international arena. The title of the contest is again “LABOR” as it was in the past and will be in the future. The contest is organized to increase the number of films on "Labor" and to create a platform where the "laboring" producers can come together.

HAK-İŞ Short Film Contest aims followings

  • to create a synthesis by meeting labor with information, art and culture, and to develop a new dimension to the concept of worker through labor theme
  • To enable finding counterpart of principles, HAK-İŞ Confederation advocates, in the art world that
  • To provide a cultural contribution to the construction of a new trade union civilization,
  • To create a different perspective on the center of human and labor for the building of a virtuous union,
  • To be able to help publicizing high quality work,
  • To increase the awareness of the "Labor" movement at national and international platforms through the use of cinematographic materials in the direction of undertaking the advocacy of rights by HAK-İŞ Confederation,
  • To increase the quality of the products subject to technical and visual evaluations, to enable and encourage the workers to focus on culture and young people especially the people studying at the related departments of the universities (Communication Faculty - Radio Television and Cinema, Cinema and Television) work on "Labor" with the artistic point of view of

Our Confederation HAK-İŞ has been organizing award ceremony for the Short Film Contest that has been held since 2012, and the ceremony become a platform where the ceremony, culture and art world and politics and union world come together.
Number of applications to HAK-İŞ Short Film Contest is as following by year;
67 projects in 2012,
55 projects in 2013,
72 projects in 2014,
52 projects in 2015,
6033 projects from 129 countries in 2016,
5404 projects from 124 countries in 2017,
4104 projects from 128 countries in 2018,
4046 projects from 119 countries in 2019,
4127 projects from 120 countries in 2020 and
4097 projects from 114 countries in 2021

Our Confederation HAK-İŞ will hold the 11th International Short Film Contest this year again with the theme of "Respect for Labor". Our main goal, this year, is to increase the number of short film contestants. For this purpose, we continue to intensify our work with the experience of past years.